Adventure Ministries

The Destination Place is one of Oklahoma’s first adventure ministries. What are adventure ministries?  Well, we see adventure ministries as being anything active that gets people to connect.  Our adventure come in a variety of forms such as outdoor adventure sports trips, large annual epic adventure trips, camps, retreats, bootcamps, and local and foreign missions/outreaches.  One of our biggest enjoyments is to be out in nature and to see how God shows up in our greatest adventures. The Destination Place offers adventure ministries to encourage fellowship and friendships through being active. We also encourage and believe families are stronger when they are active and enjoy the outdoors together. Nature is a great place to experience God’s fullness and richness for his creation. Connecting our spiritual lives with the outdoors through sports, recreation, and activities has made a huge impact on how we reach people for Christ.  We have adventures to satisfy most enthusiast needs.

Activities Include:

Camps, Retreats, Bootcamps: Wild at Heart Bootcamp for Men, Captivating Retreat for Women, Marriage Retreats, Family Camping

Land Sports: Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Geocaching, Trail Running, Outdoor Education Classes

Water Sports: Fishing, Kayaking,  Wake Boarding, Knee Boarding, Water Skiing

Motorized Sports: Dirt Bike Riding, Dirt Bike School

Epic Adventures: Foreign Missions, Local Outreach, White Water Adventures, Foreign Adventure Travel, Mountain Climbing Adventures

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